Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Thank You Lord!

Thank You, Lord,
for a costly cross...
an empty tomb...
a triumphant Savior...
and a heart set free
for all eternity!



Friday, April 18, 2014

"Phases of the Moon"

In Sunday school last week our teacher brought up a parallel that I had never seen before...  I've been thinking about it all week and thought you all might enjoy it as well (if you haven't already heard it :]).

"Phases of the Moon"
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The moon reflects the light of the sun.  However as the planets rotate the earth blocks part of the sun from the moon and the light the moon is able to reflect changes. (yes there are more scientific ways of saying this and exactly how it all works, but that is not the point here :})

So here is the parallel...

We as Christians are supposed to reflect the light of the SON.  However as the things of earth come into our life our ability to reflect the SON diminishes. 

Our teacher asked us a few questions, "How much of the world do we allow in our life?  How well are able to reflect the SON with the influences of the world that we have allowed in?  Are we full moons, half moons, or quarter moons?  What would you like to be?"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Quote and Testimony

The following quote and a testimony on Sunday, were laid on my heart this morning and I just wanted to share it with all of you. 

The Quote:
"Great things happen on the wheels of relationships.' And the oil that lubricates the wheels of relationships is love.  No power holds more potential for changing human relationships than the power of love."1.

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First off, I want to thank God for those words and how they convicted my heart!!  How many relationships do I want changed?  How many people do I want to see changed so that our relationship can be stronger and so that through our relationship we can be a brighter light to the world?

All I need to do is express His love...

Especially when people are unlovable...

Oh God, may you give us strength and courage to love no matter what!  Help us to show your love!

The Testimony:
On Sunday a woman in our church shared a testimony.  She had been reading in her devotions and in one of her devotionals the writer pointed out that most of us are willing to lay down our lives for those we love...but how many of us are willing to lay down our wills?


How many of us are willing to lay down our will, our desires, our thoughts and plans and show the love of Christ to every person we come in contact with...I will admit that this is a hard one for me...Some people are so much easier to show love to than others!!!  But how much more could the light of God shine through me if I would just surrender to HIS will and allow HIS love to flow through me!! 

How many of my relationships would blossom and grow if only I would love as Christ loves us...Unconditionally, laying down my selfish, prideful and stubborn will to be reflection of HIM. 

This is such a weak area for me!!  As I sat there reading and meditating over what I had read, the thoughts came..."Are you kidding, you can't lay down your will when people hurt you, you know how you react."  You are too weak to even try to love others when you pride has been hurt."

Found on Pinterest
I think you know the thoughts that Satan wants you think about that come flooding forward when your heart is convicted of something...but God in His love brought one of my favorite verses to mind.
"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

Yes!  I praised Him for bringing that to mind!  I can love others.  I can lay down my will.  I can kick my pride and selfishness out the door through Christ's strength!

Praise God!

1. "God Speaks Your Love Language" by Gary Chapman pg. 186