Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where to start...

First of all I'm sorry there has been a pause in the writing of the blog this summer...It always amazes me how time flies when you're having fun! :)  It has certainly been busy in my summer usually is...but isn't that a good thing - being busy?  Yes, sometimes we all need life to slow down, to have a moment to reflect and sometimes even refocus on the priorities in life.  However, right now in this chapter of my life, I like to stay busy. It makes me feel alive, be optimistic about life and it helps me keep a positive outlook!   When I'm busy I tend to see God's hand at work more often.  I tend to see the blessings He gives me on a more regular basis...or even just notice the "small ones" that I so often overlook. 

Looking up at the Custom Tower on the
first night!

God has provided in so many ways this summer!!  One of the blessings that I would like to specifically mention is His gift of going to Boston a few weeks ago..

I LOVE to travel!!  I especially enjoy traveling to cities that are close to water :)  Think Boston falls in this category?  I also really enjoy planning trips, figuring out the cost of everything, working out the budget for the trip, figuring out the where, when's and how's of the trip, yep I love the details.  However, going to Boston on a mini vacation, in a NICE hotel right next to the water, was something that was on the bucket list to do when I have the money to pay for a vacation like maybe once I hit retirement age :)