Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where to start...

First of all I'm sorry there has been a pause in the writing of the blog this summer...It always amazes me how time flies when you're having fun! :)  It has certainly been busy in my summer usually is...but isn't that a good thing - being busy?  Yes, sometimes we all need life to slow down, to have a moment to reflect and sometimes even refocus on the priorities in life.  However, right now in this chapter of my life, I like to stay busy. It makes me feel alive, be optimistic about life and it helps me keep a positive outlook!   When I'm busy I tend to see God's hand at work more often.  I tend to see the blessings He gives me on a more regular basis...or even just notice the "small ones" that I so often overlook. 

Looking up at the Custom Tower on the
first night!

God has provided in so many ways this summer!!  One of the blessings that I would like to specifically mention is His gift of going to Boston a few weeks ago..

I LOVE to travel!!  I especially enjoy traveling to cities that are close to water :)  Think Boston falls in this category?  I also really enjoy planning trips, figuring out the cost of everything, working out the budget for the trip, figuring out the where, when's and how's of the trip, yep I love the details.  However, going to Boston on a mini vacation, in a NICE hotel right next to the water, was something that was on the bucket list to do when I have the money to pay for a vacation like maybe once I hit retirement age :)

We really enjoyed this little water park
with all the lights at night!
However, God in his incredible love dropped a timeshare in my lap for my mom, sister and I to use for a couple nights right in Boston on the harbor!  He truly had control over that one.  There was no planning on my researching for the best place to stay for the best price, no comparing what days were best or how close it was to where we all wanted to be.  Nope, He chose the place I would never have even looked at (only in my dreams). :)

Enjoying the Aquarium from the top!
We were able to enjoy staying in the Custom House Tower on one of the higher floors with an exceptional view of the harbor.  The New England Aquarium was directly across from us and Fanueil Hall & Quincy Market were just a few blocks behind us.  We were able to take a Freedom Trail Tour with an incredible guide, go out to eat at Fire & Ice and enjoy walking the wharfs along the harbor.   It was truly a special time for the three of us girls and I give all the glory to God.   He knows what we need and when we need it. 

Here are some pics that we were able to capture while we were there!  Enjoy :)

The seals at the Aquarium were really cool!

Looking out from the Hotel's Observation Deck!
Another view from the Observation Deck!

Walking the Harbor!

We go some great sis pics on this trip!  <3
Thank you God! :)

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