Wednesday, December 31, 2014

There & Back Again...

How does time fly by so quickly?  Here we are back at the end of another December.   It seems like January happened just a few months ago and yet as the days melted through the Spring, and the hazy days of summer seem to run by right into the hands of a brisk fall, I can well believe another year has come.

 I love the words "there & back again", because they always remind me of the Lord of the Rings and Bilbo's storytelling.   His theme (to me at least) was always enjoy and learn as much as you can where you are at, but always remember where you started.  Always come back to your roots, they are a part of who you are. Although you may change over the years as you learn new truths and experience new things....those moments of "aha" come throughout the year as well because we still are the same person....just (hopefully) a little wiser, braver or ________ you fill in the blank.  Those memories of yester year shaped our future. 
There & back again...yeah, I'm not the same person I was a year ago, but yet coming to the end of the year I'm recognizing some of those familiar feelings that start floating around every time I start looking for a new calendar at the store.