Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow in October!

You never know with New England is so unpredictable :]  One day you can be enjoying the beautiful fall colors and the next day looking out the window at a full blown Nor'easter. 

This storm broke a record for the most snowfall in October for NE.   Obviously different places received different amounts of snow, however our count as of Sunday morning is around 17 inches!

Here are some pics that I got this morning during chores :]  Enjoy!

Looking off our deck.

The snow has yet to come off the roof on our four-season room.
Doesn't it look like something bit that chunk of snow? :]

I caught this photo before Dad started plowing.

I had wanted to take a picture of my boots to show how high the snow came up, but because I wasn't standing in them they didn't sink down as far as I had hoped they would.  Oh well, I still liked the picture :]

The sun was trying to peek out behind the clouds.

Alright, now it is time for some animal pictures.....

Cole was waiting for her breakfast when I came out the door. 

Tynedale's first look at snow.  He looked around the corner and saw me and I snapped the picture right before he bounced off. Dad was plowing by this point, so he was skittish and just wanted to stand next to his mom. 

I LOVE this picture.  He is always moving and if for some odd reason his legs aren't going his ears are.  To catch him in such a perfect stance, with no movement was fantastic!

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