Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Blog.....

As the new year has opened I would like to let all of you know about a new blog that has started.
"Altogether Separate"
is the name of this blog and it has been made for the purpose of uplifting, encouraging, edifying & sharing with like minded young ladies that are living lives set apart for Christ.

The idea to start a blog came from a young lady named Abigail, when she read an article that talked about how so many girls feel like they are all alone in their pursuit of Godliness.  Truly trying to live lives that have a purpose beyond ourselves even when many, if not all of their peers are more focused on being conformed to this world than to the image of Christ.

I met Abby through one of her personal blogs.  She is a britophile(don't know what that is? it is a person who greatly admires Britain and things British :]) and so am I!  As we left comments on each others blogs we got to know each other a little better and then one day Abby left a comment wondering if I would be interested in starting a blog with her on the aforementioned subject.  After talking with my parents and much prayer I enthusiastically told her "yes!"  She also invited several other young ladies to join her on this adventure and we have started a google group and a discussion board where we talk about different things and where the planning has gone on for our blog!

We are still in the planning stages but the blog is now up and running and we have two post already written!
I would like to invite you to visit our blog and possible become a follower or even a guest writer!

"A group of girls who are starting a movement--a movement for encouraging and inspiring Christian, home schooled girls who are living a life apart from the world."  This is what we want to do!

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