Monday, November 12, 2012

~ Of Waltzing and Marriage ~

I just read a post over at "Your Sacred Calling" and thought I would let you all know about it :]  It is just a short post titled "The Dance of Marriage."  It likens waltzing to marriage and I thought it was a great parallel to use. 

Love this waltzing picture from "The Young Victoria"
and thought it was appropriate for the post :]

Here is an excerpt:

"Just as an elegant waltz requires someone to skillfully lead the steps, so does the well-choreographed dance of marriage require a husband to lovingly lead his wife. He doesn’t stomp on her toes; instead, with strength and purpose, and an ear for the great Musician, he leads the dance."

Go check it out!  It will only take you a few moments as it is a really short post and I think you will like it :]


  1. Great thoughts :) I love the parallel! JJ sometimes waltzes with me...well, it's more like he tries to waltz with me and I try not to step on him lol. But it's sweet and special because he tells me to just follow him and he'll lead me...just like in life :)

  2. That is so sweet Kristi :] I pray your marriage will be the special "waltz" that you have always dreamed of!

    Glad you enjoyed the post :)