Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Why Suffer?": A Friend's Post

As I was reading through a friends blog, I came across her most recent article.  I asked her if I could share part of it here with you and then put a link for all of you to follow to her blog...  It was very perceptive and made me sit back and think and ask myself some questions... What do I hide from? Avoid? Remove myself from? Am I willing to accept what God has allowed into my life in order that He might be glorified?   Am I willing to live out the verse, "in my weakness, he is made strong."?

"Why suffer? Many have been asking this question since Brittany Maynard asked herself this question and sparked national news and controversy over the last few weeks.
I was saddened to read of Brittany Maynard’s death this weekend. After a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, Brittany decided to end her own life instead of suffering through the last stages of the cancer. She was only 29. People all over the country have applauded her bravery and her choice to “die with dignity.”
I’m not writing this to condemn Brittany. I’m human too. I’d much rather avoid suffering if it was in my power to do so. I would also be desperate for some measure of control. As much as the thought of dying scares me, I’d rather it be quick than drawn out and painful. I can understand some of Brittany’s reasons for her decision. But there is a much deeper issue beneath Brittany’s desire to end her suffering."

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