Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Two Cents

Well it finally snowed here!!  Every time we have a snow storm I am blown away by how beautiful everything is when it stops snowing.  The frosted trees, the sparkly winter wonderland created by that brilliant sunshine that usually follows a snowstorm; that snap in the air that you breathe; that grateful feeling that wells up inside of you as you take a first glimpse out the window of God's breathtaking handiwork....  Those things are all wrapped up inside my brain right now as I sit in our loft working on….

January's "My Two Cents."


I’m in the mood for inspiring, heart-warming, self-sacrificing movies, so let’s see what is on the shelf…. 

I love studying military history, so when I came across this movie last year I was really excited!  It can be hard to find movies based on stories from that era, that aren’t filled with bad language or unnecessary scenes, but this one was clean and very well done!

Hidden in Silence

“Przemysl, Poland, WW11.  Germany emerges victorious over the Russians, and the city comes under Nazi control.  The Jewish are sent to the ghettos.  While some stand silent, Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska chooses the role of a savior and sneaks 13 Jews into her attic.”

While most stories of this kind can be very graphic, I felt that they did a good job of portraying what happened and yet still keeping it a family film.  I have family members that can read about graphic things, but if they actually see it in person they are just overwhelmed…. They did not feel that way with this film, and yet it still adequately told the truth of what was happening during that time period.   I would highly recommend this!  Very well done…plus, anything with Kellie Martin is good J



I read this book a few years ago and after perusing my bookshelf in pursuit of something to share with you all, I came across this book….i think it is time to read it again J

Glory, Duty & the Gold Dome

“When a desperate young woman with a secret falls into a coma after a car accident, G.A. State Representative John Richards puts his congressional race at risk as he and his homeschooled, fourteen year old son Thomas try to save her life from her hateful husband…. As a legislative aide to his father, Thomas works at the state capitol to help his father navigate through legal and political challenges so that this young woman’s life does not end as Terri Shiavo’s.  But he soon discovers more intrigue and danger surrounding this case than he bargained for.”

This book tackled the subject of euthanasia, abortion and really, the question, ‘Who has the right to decide who can live and who can not?’

An easy but very enjoyable read.
I’m listening to my favorite soundtrack playlist as I work on this post…..  Tracks from Peter Pan, Miss Potter, Gettysburg, UP & Robin Hood have been floating across the sound waves here.  Perhaps that is why I am in an “inspirational, heart-warming and self-sacrificing mood” as I mentioned above.  All of those soundtracks are reflecting the movies they came from….and they all have to do with those themes I mentioned…
Maybe we will go with the Patriot Soundtrack today.  It is truly a magnificent piece of music.  John Williams outdid himself and wrote a music score that is so beautiful and engaging.  The music brings your emotions along for the ride during the movie and remind you of every moment if you are listening to the soundtrack.  I would definitely recommend checking it out!  Below is a fan made video playing my favorite track from the movie!
What more is there to say?  I saw this on Pinterest and have been thinking about it quite a bit.
I feel like so often we try to think of elaborate ways to debate core issues and yet sometimes the most basic responses are the best!
I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day (I know, I seem to find a lot on there) and came across
this prayer/blessing and I think it is exactly what I want to share with all of you.  I pray this prayer would bless your heart and be applied in your life.  May God use it in your life in a special and unique way that fits your circumstances.  Please, use it to pray for and bless your family and friends with.  Know that I am finishing that blessing with the words “Have a bursting-with-joy-day every day, as God opens your eyes to His faithful work in your life!”

Oh how true this is...  How often does my flesh fail me, my heart deceive me, but the Word of God is faithful, true and unfailing.  Where I am weak, He is made strong.  God is there for us, no matter what.  I was struggling with a specific area today in my know, one of those emotional-can't-get-along-with-anyone-and-trying-to-choose-NOT-to-be-offended----but-it-was-happening-anyway....  Well God finally got ahold of my heart and made me realize how much I was allowing my flesh to take charge instead of surrendering to Him.   How much my flesh and heart were failing me in the spiritual battle and yet God was waiting for me to turn and ask for His help....His strength to overcome the battle and put my eyes on Him instead of my circumstances.
 As we finish out the first month of 2015, I pray you would have opportunities to see God at work in your life and see Him become the strength of your heart more and more each day!
God Bless!

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