Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Like Christ...

"The purpose of our suffering isn't to have a great testimony.  It isn't to point the finger of accusation at ourselves and say we brought on our calamity by our lack of faith.  No trials and struggles and distresses simply help us become more like Christ Jesus.  More selfless.  More giving.  More hope-filled.  More forgiving.  More abundant.
Life in the spirit, in the realm of spiritual warfare is not about a simple formula of you being good, God rewarding you w/ a happy life, and then telling everyone else to do the same.  It is a holy interaction with a-not-so-easy-to-understand God.  It's being near to Him even when it looks like He has forsaken you.  It's discipleship.  It's learning to have joy in pain.  That's the kind of life that stands out in a crazy, needy world."  - Mary E. Demuth, Beautiful Battle

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