Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I just finished reading a post over at "Your Sacred Calling."  Stacy MacDonald's daughter Jessica wrote a post titled "So This Is Love" that touched an area that God has been working on lately. 

Ever since I won the book "Sacred Singleness" through the give away at the blog "Radiant Purity and True Beauty", I have been convicted daily about my desire to find fulfillment in other ways other than finding my fulfillment in Christ.  Jesus wants to be our all in all.  He wants to be our best friend and we will never be able to fill that void in our heart because it can only be filled by Jesus.  We will never find a friend, spouse, or family member that will never fail us.  Jesus is the only one that will ALWAYS listen to us, cry with us, hold us, hug us, comfort us, encourage us, helps us and strengthen us no matter what.

He is there all the time and is just waiting for us to look to Him for help.  His hand is outstretched waiting for us to take hold of it and find in Him all that we are looking for.

The post Jessica wrote talked about what God has been teaching her lately and it was exactly what He has been teaching me. 

"It’s overwhelming.  In fact, the air is thick with it. Everywhere I look, I am bombarded by illusions of “love.” It’s in the music, the movies, the marketing—it’s even in the food. I see young people who are attracted to one another merely for their looks, or for the ego boost they get from all the attention they receive (isn’t that what flirtation is all about?).
I see it in movies where the beautiful girl falls instantly in love with the Brad Pitt look-alike. The fact that he’s a “bad boy” who she needs to make “good” only adds power and romance to the story. Or what about the song where the man croons over the girl he saw for only a moment? Without any knowledge of her character, he knows instantly that she is the one for him! The fact that he doesn’t even know her name is supposed to be proof of some “magical spark” and convince us of his deep and profound love. Easy come, easy go.
Though stories like these might appeal to our sense of romance (or maybe an amused eye roll), we need to recognize that we are being wooed by a superficial, self-focused, unrealistic, and empty view of “love.” In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m being indoctrinated by an evil fake—by a false definition of love....." Read More

This post was such and encouragement to me and I pray it will be to you as well.

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