Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Addition.... :]

A little over a week ago we had a new addition added to our alpaca family!!! The little guy was about a month over due and we were wondering if "Mom" had just gotten really fat when all of a sudden on Sunday, September 18th, at around 1:30 we had a cria (baby alpaca) born!

Just a half hour old!
It's a typical NE fall already and we've had some early, cool fall days. It was a little chilly on Sunday so we had to get out the hair dryer and dry him off and get him warm.  After he got used to the sound of the dryer, I think he started to enjoy it.  The warm air was putting him to sleep ;)

First Steps!
Within an hour he was actually running around the pen.  He was obviously cautious as his legs still were not very strong, but he was bouncing around the best that he could =}

Soaking up the sun!
The next day we put mom and baby outside in the pen to enjoy the day and soak up some sun.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day for his first time outside!

Sprawsed right out =]
 By this point you're probably wondering what we've named him right????  Well, I like to go with names that have some historical background to them.  For example, one of his older brothers is named "General Hancock" (a name from the Civil War) and his other brother is named "Lafayette" after the french general who helped us during the Revolutionary War.  So....I decided to go with "Tyndale" after William Tyndale the famous Bible translator.  

His mother Dorothy is a wonderful mom and both of them are doing really well!  God is so good!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!  I'll post some more in a few weeks.

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