Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Blessing......

Our family watched a movie the other night that had all of us (even my Dad) in tears as we were touched and blessed by a truly moving movie.

The movie was "Letters To God."

"Letters To God" revolves around a young boy (Tyler) who is fighting cancer, but writes letters to God as his way of talking to Him. The letters touch the hearts of so many people; the mailman who picks them up everyday, his mom who is trying to understand how this could happen to her son, his grandmother who finds such joy in knowing her grandson loves his Heavenly Father, his brother who is frustrated with what is happening with his brother and just wants life to be back to normal, and so many other people. Tyler wants everything he says and does to point people to God so everything he does is deliberate. He knows his time here on earth is short and precious and he wants to use it to help those he loves for his departure and bring as much joy into their lives as he can.

Oh boy, did we cry! It was such a blessing! It remined us of how precious life is and to spend each moment deliberately bringing glory and honor to Christ.

How many times do I take my family for granted?  My friends for granted?  My God for granted? 

Here is a trailer of the movie.  Please check it out, it may change your life.

If you have watched it, I would love to know what you thought of the movie and if you haven't, why are you still reading this =]



  1. Hi Devin!
    This movie sounds like something our family would really enjoy. Thank you for sharing about it! I may be ordering soon.... =)

  2. Hey Lydia,

    I'm so glad you liked the review :] This movie was really clean and one that I felt really comfortable promoting on my blog! I hope you're able to watch it! I'm sure you'll love it :]