Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is Romance?

I've been reading Leslie's book "The Lost Art of True Beauty" for my devotions lately and it has been such a blessing.  This morning I read several things that I wanted to share with you.  They go right along with the post I did in January regarding the relationship we can have with our Heavenly Father through prayer.

"Contrary to popular opinion, romance is not a relationship - although it can add fullness and spice and excitement to a connection between two people.  Romance is not hearts and flowers and violins, although an evening of hearts and flowers and strings can be soaringly romantic. Romance is instead an attitude, a set of habits, a way of encountering the world.  You are romantic when savoring experience is a priority for you, when you are willing to invest time and energy into making your experiences more vivid and memorable." ~ Thomas Kinkade

      "(Eric's) romantic qualities go far beyond the realm of human romance.  Eric loves life.  He has a passion for living, an excitement to be alive each day, a hunger to experience the fullness of all God has for him on this earth.  He savors the romance and adventure of living a Christ-scripted life.  He deliberately adds a zest to life wherever he goes, whatever his circumstances.  He excels at enjoying the romance of life probably better than anyone else I've ever met.  And in the 17 years I've known him, I've become somewhat of a hopeless incurable romantic too - caught up in the epic adventure of a God-centered life.  It's a most exciting way to live.
      Eric and I believe God doesn't merely intend for life on this earth  to be endured; rather, He intends for life on this earth to be savored - every experience can be purposeful, meaningful, and significant.  Every day is an opportunity to discover more of Him."  ~ Leslie Ludy

That romantic relationship that I wrote about in my previous post on prayer and the relationship it brings with Christ, can be lived out when we see the gifts God has given us and choose to savor experiences, get excited with the little things and love the life He has given us!

As you ride through your weekend, may He bless you with lots of little blessings and may He bless you with the eyes and heart to see them!

For His Glory!

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