Friday, June 29, 2012

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I haven't posted lately.  This summer is flying by and lots of things have been happening in my life, to keep me away from the computer for long periods of time (which is needed in order to write you a decent post :}).

Unfortunately (Fortunately?!! :})  Tommorrow morning our family will be starting a ten day vacation!  It will be our first one in 10 years, so we are really excited!  However, this means that I will be unable to post during that period of time and I am sorry about that. :(

Before we leave however, I wanted to leave a very important post with you to "ruminate" on while I'm away. 

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now, realize that one of my passions is fighting for Parental Rights in the U.S.. As of right now an Amendment for protecting the rights of parents is quickly approaching its congressional hearing (July 19, 2012).  If you are unfamiliar with the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) you can read some of my previous posts on it here, watch the trailer for "Overruled: Government Invasion of Our Parental Rights" here and watch the actual movie here.

As the date is fast approaching for the hearing and as I won't be getting back until 10 days before the hearing, I wanted again remind those of you who know and let those of you don't know, how important this amendment is to you, our parents, our future, homeschooling, the future of the United States of America, the safety of children and so much more.

When I recieved the following email from PR, I was filled with dismay.  This amendment is so important!  Please read it:

Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Parental Rights
Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in the health care case marks a decisive turn in the American experiment of freedom. There is no doubt the opinion shocked and dismayed liberty-minded citizens across the United States. It also upped the ante on the Parental Rights Amendment – and that’s why I must urge you to help.

Let me explain.

First, the ambiguity of federal HIPAA legislation was already a problem for parental rights. It is an open door that lets states infringe a parent’s fundamental liberty to make informed medical decisions for their child. Under the health care law, this gap is only going to get worse.

Second, the health care bill allows the government to spend millions on home visitation programs in which government officials enter your home to monitor and instruct how you raise your kids.

Third, the decision has made explicit a disturbing legal doctrine long implicit in the Supreme Court: that Congress has unlimited power to tax for any purpose, even beyond its enumerated powers. This provides one more tool the government can use to control what happens in your home.

If we are to protect parental rights in America we must pass the Parental Rights Amendment soon! The PRA will provide protection for parents and families in every one of these areas of concern.

As a citizen of these beloved United States,  I realize what a great debt I owe my God, my ancestors, my grandparents, my parents and those in the military.  They have done probably more then I will ever understand to ensure that the freedoms that I so often take for granted, are there for me to enjoy.  I must ask myself and you, "What will I do for the next generation?" "What will I do to honor those who have gone before me?" What will I do to protect what God has deemed a foundation of this earth, the family?"

Please, contact your local government leaders as well as those who serve at the national level.  We have elected them and they need to know how we the the people feel about it.  How important it is to us, that our parental rights are protected! 

You can visit for more information on the amendment, how to contact your Senator or Congressman and how to get involved.  But most importantly, to add your name to the petition saying how important this bill is to the citzens of the U.S.!


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