Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Two Cent's

Hello Friends,

I was blog hopping the other day and came across a post that inspired some post topics in my head! (love it when that happens).  The young woman gave a list of her "favorites".  Different things that she really liked, that she wanted to share with her following.  I love seeing what other young Christian ladies are reading, watching, listening to etc. and I thought you might too! So I thought it would be fun to do a monthly post of giving "My Two Cent's" on things that I think some of you out there might enjoy! 

I would love to have some interaction on here with these posts!  Let me know if you have read, seen, heard of, or just enjoyed any of the things that are mentioned :)

Come What May
I absolutely love this movie!!  It is clean, has a fantastic message and some great acting!
Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption  -     By: Katie J. Davis, Beth Clark
A GREAT book.  Katie truly wrote this from her heart and expressed what God has shown
her over the years in a beautiful way!
So High The Price
This album has been a blessing since it was released a few years ago.  The Pettit Team has truly been blessed with a fantastic music group over the years and I love their music!
Live to the hilt, of every situation you believe to be the will of God.
 Jim Elliot
Since today is September 11, I thought it would be appropriate to choose the people who were and still are affected by the horrible tragedy our country faced on  9/11/01.  The family and friends of those who were killed or injured as well as those who are still living, but are daily affected physically or mentally by that event need our prayers!! 
This is one of my favorite verses and I am constantly running it though my mind.
Trying to use it as a filter for every though, action and word.
I hope all you enjoyed this :D

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