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Looking Over Our Shoulders At History ~ Part 2

Why did Nicholas Romanov II lose his freedom, respect, loyalty and life?  He didn't listen to the cries of those who needed his help.  He didn't step outside of his comfort zone and help those who relied on him.  He focused on himself and not on others.  Although he may not have seen what his decisions would cost him, we can.  It cost him his life, his family, and the lives of millions of others. 

What cries do we hear and try to ignore or rationalize that someone else will take care of it?
               * The cries of the unborn children that are murdered every day
               * The cries of those still in slavery all over the world
               * The cries of those who are starving to death
               * The cries of those who are dying from diseases and injuries because there
                   are no medical facilities or physicians
               * The cries of the elderly who are fighting the darwinian frame of mind that
                  they are useless to society and should be euthanized
               * The cries of the people who work hard to support there family, but are so
                   overwhelmed with their tax burden that they are losing their homes and
                   families, while people who refuse to work are receiving money from the
                  government. (That was put in the governments hands by the hardworking
               * The cries of free people who are having their liberties taken away
               * The cries of those who are lost and without a Savior
               * The cries of those who are persecuted for their faith
               * The cry of a Nation that was once a land of freedom and prosperity that is
                   well on it's way to being a land of oppression, tyranny, and in an economic

My heart is filled with a mixture of emotions as I write this. Sorrow at the pain and death that happens every day. Anger at the causes of this pain and death. Fustration that some people value life and freedom so little. Thankful for how my Heavenly Father has blessed me.  Humble in my realization of how sometimes I take it for granted and yet He still blesses me.  Concern for a world that is turning its back on its Creator and Savior.  A world that is rejecting a free gift of salvation and doing it with pride.  A world that is disobeying all of God's commands and all to often never looking back.  It makes me long to do something but I'm not sure what to do at the same time. 

Looking for guidance should start by searching God's Word.  He calls us to be faithful....come what may.
I say this with shame..I often times "rationalize" my responsibilities by thinking, "Someone else will do it."

We are all someone else to someone else.  Yes, God gives each person unique and special abilities to accomplish the work He gives them.  But sometimes I wonder if we often miss out on special blessings because we choose to "rationalize" and think someone else will fight for that cause. 

I should state here that God did not make us SUPER - MEN OR WOMEN!  We can not do everything, however are we willing to reach out and listen to those people and situations that are around us. 
For example:  I may not be able to work at a pregnancy center or counsel women considering abortion, but I can:

               * Pray!  This is the most important - God is in control of everything and is
                  just waiting for us to ask.  Can you imagine the work God would be able
                  to accomplish in every Christian's life if we would only look to Him and
                  ask for His hand to work in different situations?!  He wants us to pray
                  specifically and truly believe when we ask, that He will answer it.  God
                  knows no boundaries or limits. 
                  He can do anything!

               * Stay up to date with what is going on in your State Legislature and U.S. Government. 
The Law is a great teacher. I believe abortion is wrong. Period. 100 years ago the majority of people would have agreed with me.  However.... the laws changed over time and people started thinking, "well if the law says it's fine, then it must be."  Abortion is still as wrong as it was 100 years ago, but the laws changed and the minds of the people followed suit.
For those of you who are able to sign petitions, sign petitions. Or better yet write them yourselves.  Go to hearings.  Be aware of what is going on around you in the government. We the people have the power and the officials we elect are supposed to represent us. If they are not representing us then they shouldn't be in office. 

               * Be well informed.  This is an area that we will have to strengthen every day
                 of our lives. We are not going to know everything about everything, but we
                 need to be aware of the battles that are being fought every day for the rights
                of those that are without them.

               * Talk with others.  Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers even the
                   person that you see every time you go to your favorite restaurant. 
                  Obviously with some people it will be easier then with others. Some people's
                   beliefs will be in direct conflict with your own, but we can live a life that
                   speaks volumes. :]  There are so many people out there who are unaware of
                   the battles we are facing today in our society.  Many of them have been
                   raised in the public school system and have not even been taught to think
 for themselves, so they haven't even thought about the other side of an
 issue.  Some of them may at first appear knowledgeable, but they are really
 just paraphrasing what there teacher told them.  And the teachers have just been
fed the same things at a teachers college.  But we must always keep in mind that
 everything we say should glorify God.  We are to be as "wise as serpents,
and harmless as doves." (Matthew 10:16b)  We are to be aware of who we
 are talking to and what the situation is.  While being as gentle, loving and 
harmless (not threatening) as doves. Speaking with "meekness and fear."
 (1 Peter 3:15)  Our ultimate purpose on earth is to glorify God and bring others to
know Him.  However He has placed us in this world and we have responsibilities
to the people around us.  Jesus was the perfect of example of living for Christ. 
 He served everyone that needed help and did it all in love.

* Use your God give talents and abilities!  Get excited!  God wants you to use them! 
Do you enjoy making movies?  Use that ability to make others aware of what is
going on around them.  A few short clips in a movie can make a big difference. Do you like to write?  Write an article for your local newspaper.  Write something  on your blog :)  Do you enjoy photography? Make posters with a few words that speak
volumes!  It only takes a sentence to make people start thinking.
Do you enjoy teaching kids?  Or maybe you babysit?  The foundations that a person stands on is built very early on in life.  You can leave a large imprint on a persons life and not even realize it. 
Do you like to organize events?  Have showings of differents movies at your church, home or wherever you can, of movies that make people aware of what is going on! 
Do you like to research?  So many people would like to make a difference but have not
idea where to start.  They need something to tell them where to go and help.... Give ideas,
make pamphlets, direct them to websites, books or organizations that they can learn and be involved in. 

We need to be involved in this world.  We need to be bright lights in this world of darkness. We need to shine where God has put us!  It takes a lot of courage and determination to make a difference, but with God's help anything is possible!!  Talk to Him. Ask Him to show you where He wants you to go and use your talents. 

Most importantly though, pray.  Pray for the people around the world.  God desires us to interceed on the behalf of others.  There is nothing we can do that would be more powerful than prayer.  If nothing else, be a prayer warrior!  I have learned recently how much more I need to be praying for people all around the world.  Not just those in my family and circle of friends, not even just those in my beloved Nation, but for people, especially Christians all around the world.

Here are a few great resources that God has used to work in my life. Although I don't endorse everything about each one, they are all really good:

DVD's ~ AGENDA: The Grinding Down of America  - I recommend this movie more than anything else on 
                  this list!  You can watch the trailer here
            Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed  
            Come What May - Trailer
            Science Doesn't Say Anything Scientists Do
            Time Changer - Trailer
            Already Gone
            Legislating Morality

Books ~ What Happened to Penny Candy?*
              Economics: The Free Market Reader*
              The Clipper Ship Strategy*
              Capitalism for Kids*                                 
              The Money Mystery*
              Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?*
              Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today*
              Glory, Duty & The Gold Dome
              The Answers Magazine - Check it out Here
              The World Magaizine - Check it out Here
               Understanding the Times
* Books in the"Uncle Eric Series"
They can be found  HERE 

God Bless! 

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  1. WoW!
    I can really tell you wrote this from your heart! Your passion for this runs right off the page!!

    Even in these hard economic times, you have named off every possible way to stay involved in changing our nation back to what it should be!
    Thanks for the reminder!

    PS. Love all the pictures:)
    Love ya!