Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was blog surfing this morning and found this information that I thought you may find interesting.  Although the date was yesterday, we still need to be reminded of what happened 150 years ago.
The Civil War Begins
 " When President Lincoln took office seven states had already seceded and the Confederates held Fort Sumter in a siege and demanded the evacuation of Union troops from the fort. On April 12 1861 President Lincoln sent a note to the Confederates telling them that he was going to resupply the fort with food, but not with ammunition and he expected that the Confederates would allow the supply ship through.
  Needless to say it does no good to hold a town or a fort in siege if you are simply going to allow the fort to be resupplied and President Lincoln knew this. He knew that the Confederates would fire on the ship and on the fort, but he also knew that at this point there was virtually no chance that war could be averted so he devised this plan in order to goad the south into firing the first shot. And that is exactly what they did–the Civil War had begun 150 years ago today."  
~ Steve Dennis

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  1. I wasn't aware of this! I knew the South fired the first shot- but I didn't know the history behind it!
    Very interesting!!!